What are the visitation times?
SUNDAY              AM                        PM
FIRST           9:30 - 11:30         1:30 - 4:30
SECOND     9:30 - 11:30         1:30 - 4:30
THIRD          9:30 - 11:30         1:30 - 4:30
FOURTH     9:30 - 11:30         1:30 - 4:30
FIFTH           9:30 - 11:30         1:30 - 4:30
Good Friday, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas are extra visitation days and the times are the same as on the FIRST SUNDAY 

How many visitors are allowed?
Two adults and as many children as can be managed. 

Can we split up visits with other family members?
No.  Residents are only allowed one visit per weekend.    

Can we find out who has visited the resident?
No.  The names of visitors will not be released to anyone due to privacy issues.

How long are the visits?
Visitation times are 30 minutes in length.  With good behavior visits can be extended.

What happens if we get to the visitation a little late?
Visitation times are set and will not be altered for anyone even if a long travel time is required.

Is there a dress code for visitors?
Yes there is.  Click here for visitation rules.

Can we bring any pictures or food to visitation?
No. Visitors are not allowed to bring items into the facility.

NOTE:  Any illegal substance brought into the facility will result in authorities being called and charges will be filed.  Visitors violating this rule will be banned from visiting.

Can we take pictures of the residents?
No.  Pictures may not be taken of resident during the visits.

Can we send money to the residents?
Yes.  We accept money orders, cash and wire transfers.  

Can we send the resident any clothing?
Yes, white T-shirts, white boxers or briefs, white socks, white or cream colored thermals or sweats (for winter time), tennis shoes and work boots. Family members can buy the resident their own safety glasses and work gloves but safety glasses must not be tinted.

Can we send the resident any books or magazines?
Yes, however; they must be mailed directly from a book store.

Can we send pictures to the resident?
Yes.  All mail is reviewed for contraband by the detention staff. Pictures containing nudity, gang affiliation or drugs and alcohol are prohibited. 

Can we send birthday, holiday, seasonal or special occasion cards?
Yes.  No voice or song activated cards are allowed.

What kind of books are allowed?
Nothing promoting and/or showing nudity, gang affiliations, drugs, alcohol, etc.

If we call the facility can we find out how the resident is doing?
No.  The resident is solely responsible to inform his family on how he is doing  in the program and when he is scheduled for release.

Are there weekend furloughs at your facility?

If a resident has a doctors visit how will we know?
The resident is responsible for informing his family and the resident is not subject to the HIPPA law.  No family member is allowed to meet the resident at the doctor's office.  Should a friend or family member be at the office at the same time as the resident, the resident will be brought back to the facility immediately.

Can we leave messages for the resident?
No.  The only exception is in the case of an eminent emergency.

Can the family donate any food, drinks, movies and/or games to the facility?

Facility entrance
How can I report a PREA related event?
Report any / all instances of suspected sexual abuse and sexual harassment to one of
the following:
Facility Director: Mrs. Kim Davis at 830-672-3622
Director of Operations: Mrs. Bridgette Barfield at 830-672-3622
Program Director: Ms. Debra Briggs at 830-672-3622
Residential Supervision Officer: Mr. Marty Jaquette at 830-672-3622

You may also make a report to any facility staff.

You may make an anonymous report to the Gonzales County Sheriffs Department at

You can also make a third-party report of an incident of sexual harassment or sexual abuse
by contacting any of the parties listed above.